Akasha's Bio
Akasha has over 25 years of dance experience and 13 years of teaching experience.

She began dancing at the age of 4 when she joined her first ballet class.  She
instantly fell in love with dance and it began a lifelong passion for performing.  Early
on she began her training in ballet, jazz and tap.  At the age of 14 she began Irish
step dancing and got her start competing and performing professionally.  She won
over 100 awards in Irish step dancing competitions.  When Akasha was 16 she
became an assistant dance instructor and by the time she was 18 she was an

By the age of 19 competing began to take it's toll on Akasha.  She was faced with a
difficult decision, the possibility of knee surgery or give up step dancing.  Unwilling to
take the risk of never being able to dance again she quit Irish step dancing.  At that
point she had been taking belly dancing for almost a year.  She was surprised to find
out that belly dancing not only was gentler on her body but actually helped the
problems she had with her knees and hips.  She began devoting herself to belly
dance and within a few months she was teaching and performing professionally.  
Akasha studied belly dancing under the internationally famous dancer and instructor
Joynan for 9 years.  In the past few years she has also studied the salsa and the
Viennese waltz.

Besides belly dancing Akasha also teaches piano, violin, drums and guitar.  She has
a strong understanding of music from a musicians perspective which she
incorporates in her dance classes.

Akasha has had a lifelong passion for ancient Egypt which drove her to take up belly
dancing.  Besides the movement she also teaches the history of this ancient dance
form.  She is a former member of the Egyptian Study Society of Denver,CO.  
Akasha has also taken classes in reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  She has
been to the Middle East several times and plans on continuing her travels there.

Akasha has been performing most of her life.  Besides dancing she also has
experience in modeling, acting and competing in pageants where she has won many
awards.  She spent 5 years performing with the Heritage Irish Step Dancers and has
been with numerous belly dancing troupes as well as performing as a solo act.  
Akasha has performed on television and at the renowned Blue Bird Theatre and
Oriental Theatre in Denver, CO.